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Hello! I'm Savannah. I love reading, especially Science-Fiction Dystopian, YA and some General Fiction.


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BGramathon is hosted by Rachel @talkdarcytome. It goes from May 17-21 and has 5 reading challenges along with 5 photo challenges. I'm going to be letting you know what the challenges are and showing you my TBR!



  1. 1. A book you bought because of bookstagram

*2. The first book in your Instagram feed that you haven't read

3. A book that perfectly matches your 'aesthetic'

4. A book that is the opposite of your 'aesthetic'

5. A book with flowers or Rainbow on the cover



17- TBR

18- Favorite book cover

19- Rainbow Spines

20- #Shelfie

21- Ideal Reading environment


* This comes directly from Rachel's instagram post 

The meaning of the word “aesthetic” is up to you! It can mean a few different things. You can read a book that has your plot aesthetic, like if you really have a thing for magic schools- that can count. Or if you don’t normally pick up thrillers- that could count as the opposite! OR it could have to do with the cover. If you love blue books- that counts. If you a hate books with people on the cover- that counts. Basically how I’m interpreting it is what ever makes me/ doesn’t make me want to pick up a book.


I'm only reading 3 books for this, and only fulfilling 3 (or 2) challenges.


I chose this book for challenge 4, the opposite of my 'aesthetic'. I'm not typically a fan of book covers that have full faces on them. 


This is a YA Zombie Horror, I love zombies, and zombie movies so hopefully this will be enjoyable. 






I cheated a bit for this book, I'm using it for challenge 1 even though I bought this because of BookTube not Bookstagram. I don't buy books from Bookstagram usually, so hopefully this counts!


This will be the second time I'm reading this, it is a YA Historical Fiction. I'm re-reading it so I can read book 2 (in Sept, when the paperback comes out lol)





Now I know this is a 1141 page book, and no I don't plan on finishing it before the 21, but I have the audiobook as well, so maybe I'll get through a good chunk. I am using this for challenge 3, perfectly matches my aesthetic. I am extremely interested in plague books and movies so I'm really looking forward to this. 


It is a Horror/Post-apocalypse book.





So there is my BGramathon TBR! If you want updates throughout the read-a-thon I'll be posting on my instagram/twitter!


See you soon!


Happy Reading,