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Hello! I'm Savannah. I love reading, especially Science-Fiction Dystopian, YA and some General Fiction.
Plague Land - Alex Scarrow

There were a few things that bothered me a bit, but not enough to drop it to 4 stars. I really enjoyed this book, it got pretty weird at the end though. I'm very excited to read the next book though, and see how these remade people play out. From what I understand this virus or whatever has to be alien, there is no way that it is man-made as some of the characters think. I'm also interested to see how Freya and Leon do together, and if anyone else in the Spa place lived. I would also like to see more of the i think military people that were at the beginning and some other people from other countries. 

One thing that bothered me a little was the time jumps, it was present time, then all the sudden it was a couple months later. 

And OMG He burned a 12 year old girl alive, like wth.